Mežotne Hillfort and Wine Hill Hillfort

Mezotne Hillfort is situated on the left bank of the Lielupe River opposite the Mezotne Palace. One of the largest fortifications of the 9th - 13th century Semigallians, covering an area of 3,500 m2, with a height exceeding 16 m. Over an area of 13 ha the ancient town was situated in the territory between Mezotne Hillfort and the Wine Hill – Hillfort. Next to the Hillfort – Mezote Church and the cemetery of the owners of Mezotne Palace – princes von Lieven. Traditionally on the third Saturday of May Mezotne Hillfort Festivity is held here.

Wine Hill kalns – Hillfort is situated approximately 500 m to the South of Mezotne Hillfort and can be reached by a trail along the bank of the Lielupe Valley. There was probably once a cult place of the ancient Semigallians here, but in the 13th century the hillfort was inhabited by crusaders. A legend tells that a Holy Community with bread and wine appears here every now and then.

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