Rundāle Agriculture association
 Leader:  Aivars  Ilgavīžs
Phone:  +371 639 62 277
 Address:  Pilsrundāle 1, Rundāle Parish, Rundāle Local Municipality, LV-3921
 Description:  Registrated 2001. There are 97 members in association.
   Main goals:
   - to unify agriculturists and persons who are interested into
   country development for united activities and conduct, thus
   providing land cultivation, its rational exploitation;
   - to facilitate development of agriculture production and
   manufacturing and enterpreunership within countryside
   Association had participated in all critical moments to protect
   and support agriculturists
  Youth association "INICIO"
 President:  Jolanta Dāboliņa
 Phone:  +371 286 79 700
Description:  Mission and goals:
   - to involve youth into public profitable activities
   - to increase youth welfare, education, experience exchange,
   self development
   - to promote youth participation and iniciative in society
 Viesturi Senior association "Vakarvējš" ("Evening wind")
Leader:  Dzidra Ročāne
Phone:  +371 639 62 511
Address:  Viesturi culture centre, Viesturi Parish, Rundāle Local Municilaplity,
Description:  Registrated 2010, but informally exists for several years. There
 are active 15 participants. Meetings with famous persons,
   specialists, politicians, doctors are organized regulary.
   Traditions - yearly spring joint work at Mežotne Church, tiding up
   its surroundings. But the main thing during common meetings
   are to discuss and talk about different acute problems, solving
   them, common birthday celebrating, etc.
 Parents and teacher association "Drošais pamats" ("Safe foundation")
Leader:  Gunita Ūdre
Address:  "Rogas", Saulaine, Rundāle Parish, Rundāle Local Municipality,
Description:  Main goals:
   - to increase competence of specialists who are involved in
   preschool education, society's understanding, thus facilitating
   children with special education needs integration in
   comprehensive preschool educational institutions, social life
Mežotne Evangelical Lutheran congregation
Pastor:  Rolands Radziņš
Phone:  +371 299 06 019
Congregation senior:  Aija Biļēviča
Phone:  +371 295 87 395
Pilsrundāle Library Reader's Club
Leader:  Aelita Ramane
Phone:  +371 639 62 402
Address:  Pilsrundāle Library, Zemzari 30, Pilsrundāle, Rundāle Parish,
   Rundāle Local Municipality, LV-3921
 Readers' Club its activities started 2008. Now it unites more than
   10 most active reading enthusiasts. Once in a month regular
   meetings are organized, discussing about literatture, writers.
   Also thematic meetings with artists, healers, poets and writers
   are organized.
 Baby School - Creative Fantasy Studio "Riekstulītis"("Nutlet")
Leader:  Kristīna Kuzmiča
Phone:  +371 298 50 818
Address:  Rundāles novada domes Jaunā zāle, Pilsrundāle, Rundāle Parish,
   Rundāle Local Municipality, LV-3921
Description:  Weekly classes for babies (3months - 4 years) and their parents,
   common singing, excersises, experience exchange, drawing,
   exploring, wondering, discovering, enjoying the moments
Rundāle Hunters' Club
Leader:  Modris Villa
Phone:  +371 291 74 82
Hunting Houses:  "Zemgaļi", Svitene Parish, Rundāle Local Municipality, LV-3917
   "Sintijas", Vairogi, Viesturi Parish, Rundāle Local Municipality,
Description:  Strong traditions since 20 th century 50-ties. Participating
   42 active members. In accordance with hunting calendar and
   hunting licences, regular huntings are organized. Participating
   cross-municipality shoot competition with good results. Active
   in environment tidying up.
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